Things I have said since I have had a baby


Did he poop yet?

How is his poop?

How’s his gas?

Oh my GAWD my boobs hurt so bad

Did I leak?

Is he asleep?

Is he breathing?

Is he still sleeping?

How much did he sleep?

Why won’t you sleep?

Oh my god Benjamin go to fucking sleep

You’ll regret not sleeping one day

Babe..babe…he’s awake

There is definitely spit up somewhere on me

Do I smell like spit up?

Where exactly are you going?

Good lord man, what is in your diaper

Can I shower?

How much did he eat?

Should we make him a bottle?

Daddy’s Home!

Daddy’s funny

Can you believe it Benjamin?

What are you doing?

Good morning sweet boy

Good night sweet boy.

I love you sweet boy.

I love you Benjamin Walter.




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