To my husband

We love youThe definition of you and me has changed.

It is the bond that occurs when you go through labor together. When you held my hand and an oxygen mask to make sure I got Ben into this world safely.

Us is now definied as three and not two.

When we heard him scream the first time and we looked at each other and marveled at what we saw.

When we spent the first weeks holding our son so he would sleep. Each taking a shift.

It means I have created this little life that is 50% you, when in truth I would be happy with him being 100% you.

It is when I realize that some of my favorite parts are when we first wake up as family and snuggle in bed.

When you play him music at the end of the day, when he is restless and the only thing that can comfort him is his daddy singing.

You and me now means us tackling the challenges that come with being a new parent, with every day being a little different than the day before.

The definition of you and me is all the things we do not yet know, which is endless, but all of which I am so excited to go through with you.




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