Emails I have received since I became a parent

Decoding baby’s poop

What’s that rash?

Why won’t my baby sleep?

The secret post-baby body problem no one tells you about

How to get your sexy back after baby

7 Solutions for a sick baby

5 ways to feel better in your post baby body

Sounds glamorous doesn’t it? Being a parent. Worrying about sleeping and pooping and eating and not even your own, sleeping, pooping and eating. Then you worry why you can’t I lose that last 15lbs and how can my hips have changed shape and when WILL I get my sexy back?

Here is the weirdest thing, that I just didn’t know. I love all of it. I mean there a lot of digusting moments. Our joke in our house is that the sheep on Ben’s changing pad have seen some things. There are moments where I put Ben down in his crib and walk out of the room because Fathead McFussypants has decided he doesn’t need to nap, like at all and frankly I can only shuuuush for so many minutes.

It is all consuming and sometimes, a little overwhelming. I miss Ben…a lot, when I am not with him. I come to work each day and work hard. I multitask a lot, so I am pretty much always engaged. But the chances I do get to slow down give me pause to think about him and what he could possibly be doing, with the understanding that he is 5 months and whatever he is doing is not that much different than what he was doing 20 minutes ago.

But motherhood is a strange thing. You evolve. You think you know who you are, especially since I was of “advanced maternal age” (more on that stupidity later). I thought I understood my heart’s capacity. I thought I knew how much I could handle, how much I could miss someone. I thought I knew the depths that I would go to protect someone I loved. Turns out, I had no idea. Turns out being a mother teaches you that you actually know nothing, and that is perfectly ok.


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