Being a good parent and a good partner

My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a few days in the Bahamas last week, thanks to him winning an incentive trip through his work. We went by ourselves and left the Bubba with Carolina and both sets of Grandparents. Obviously we missed Ben terribly, but it was nice to be able to hang out with each other and not worry about things like laundry, or how much formula was left. We spent 3 days together and did not discuss his poop at all.

But it left me wondering how do you connect with your partner once you become a parent? We may never get an opportunity like this again, and we have to find that balance between being parents to our sweet boy, working full time and still being considerate of each other. Spending that quality time together.

There are the obvious ones like date nights, but even those aren’t always possible and finding a sitter can be tough. So here are some helpful ways to be show you are thinking of your partner, even in the craziest of times

  1. Does the diaper genie smell like it could be used to strip the wallpaper? Take that bad boy out with out being asked. Or at the very least, give your spouse the heads up that something must have died in there so the next time they open it, they can be prepared.
  2. Is your kid a messy eater? Save your partner some of the scraps of the best food your kid missed from their high chair (tots), place it on a paper towel and call it a snack. It shows you care about their nutrition AND made a conscious effort to clean the highchair. Bonus: if your spouse experiences Hanger, this will help stave it off.
  3. Leave a note in their lunch bag letting them know you are thinking of them always. Sweet nothings like “We need wipes” or “Butt paste” will really show them you always have them at the top of your mind.
  4. Did your partner have a tough day at work? Be sure to crack open a bottle of wine, put on a pair of sweat pants that doesn’t have drool or spit up on it and even leave some of the wine for them to drink. It will really help set the mood.

These are all the ways the Maffeo’s keep it fresh in our household. I welcome all of your suggestions for making sure that your spouse knows they are special. And don’t forget ladies, unbrushed hair and make up you didn’t take off from the night before is simply bed head and a smokey eye the next day.



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