Your life in numbers

609 Days since I first fell in love with you and found out you were coming

581 Days since we told your grandparents you existed

572 Days since we first heard your heartbeat and saw you for the first time

572 Days since I fell even deeper in love

554 Days since we found out that you were going to be a “he”

511 Days since Daddy first felt you kick

511 Days since Daddy fell even deeper in love with you

413 Days since everyone celebrated you getting here

366 Days since I went to sleep pregnant and your Daddy said goodnight and sweet dreams to my belly one last time.

365 since I woke your daddy up and I said “Don’t panic, but I think I am labor”

12:22am: The time I woke your daddy up

20mph; That’s how fast your daddy was going over the speed limit when we got pulled over going to the hospital

721 minutes: How long mommy was in labor for.

12:23pm, May 19, 2017: The day we formally met and my heart permanently altered

7lbs 12oz: How much you weighed

14 seconds: How long you waited until you pooped directly on me

48 hours: Amount of time Mommy and Daddy were awake for before finally sleeping after you were born

3 hours: Amount of sleep we actually got

2 Days spent in the hospital

37 seconds; approximate amount of sleep received over the next three months

60: Amount of times Daddy and I took turns sleeping on the couch

7: Seasons of Friends you probably saw while we tried to stay awake while you screamed with colic

4,000,000: Amount of times I have kissed the top of your head

5: Times I have gotten peed on

2,000,000: Times you have made us laugh

1,000: Times your cries have broken my heart

1,000,000: Times your smile has saved my soul

Immeasurable: The amount that I love you.

Benjamin Walter Maffeo, I had no idea what I was in for when you were first created, but on your first birthday, I cannot begin to put into words or numbers the amount that my love for you has grown. I did not know I could ever love like this. You are the best thing I have ever done. Happy Birthday.





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